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Landtamic is the all-in-one solution for building fast and creative websites with Statamic.

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Beginner Friendly

Convenient to use, almost like playing with Legos.

Design Ready

Unlock 100+ customizable sets to build your own unique designs

Accelerated Workflow

Full-blown websites in a few hours with little to no coding knowledge.

Lighthouse Score

Get unprecedented levels of performance and hit the highest scores.

Same sets, unlimited variations in a matter of seconds.

Why worry about design? We got you covered!

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Features of Landtamic

100+ Sets

Each set is already designed to fit all your needs, but you can always make changes tailored to your site.

Page Builder

Top-notch page builder to build the entire website from the CP.

Easy Customizable

Little to no coding is required. Everything is configured with globals and configs.

Seo Optimized

Easy sitemap configuration, meta generating, and responsive image partial.

Blog ready

Single or multiple authors with blog views and a pre-configured blog collection.

Navigation / Footer

Generate multiple variants of the Navigation or Footer using our easy to configure builder.

Under the hood

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landtamic?

Landtamic is the BEST Statamic starter kit you can find. It’s super simple to use and you can build a professional website while drinking your morning coffee. Add your logo, choose your preferred design components and write some content. That's it, as simple as that.

Who will benefit the most from Landtamic?

Landtamic is fully designed to help developers focus on development rather than designing the website. It’s so easy and simple to use that you can show it off to your clients and let them customize the website if they need further modifications.

What is the best way to use Landtamic?

We have created so many components that you don’t have to think about anything else besides the content. Simply add a component and choose between 5-7 different design sets for each component. Enter the text and images of your client, and you're done!

Who maintains Landtamic?

Landtamic is maintained and updated by the team of Lucky Media LLC. All the bugs and feature requests are handled through the GitHub repo.

Can I use Landtamic for client projects?

As per the rules of the Statamic marketplace, you can buy a Landtamic license and use it for a single project.

Can I re-distribute components of Landtamic in a tool or template?

No, you can only use the components for the project that you bought the license for. It cannot be re-distributed, fully or partially.

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